Atiyeh hospital

Atieh Hospital was established in 1998 with the goal of providing convenient and fast medical services in all medical fields.

Atieh private hospital with the final capacity of 350 admitted patients and 15 operation theatres are located in the northwest of Tehran. The positioning of the hospital gives the patients the chance of having easy access to main highways of Tehran.


The departments of Atieh Hospital including orthopedics, urology, dentistry, infertility treatment, pediatrics, ENT, cardiology, obstetrics, and childbirth. More than 200 physicians specializing in various fields, using modern equipment and advanced laboratories, provide patients with treatment services all day long.


Services on offer at the International Patients' Department (IPD) include free WiFi, pharmacy, restaurant, cafeteria, and taxi service. These include private rooms equipped with a phone and TV.



Private rooms for patients available

TV in the room




Taxi service

Free Wifi


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