Aria Hospital

The Aria Hospital is located in Ahvaz and is a private hospital, which was established in 1969 with a capacity of 100 permanent beds. In 2010, the hospital was transferred to the 17th Street of Kian Pars District in Ahvaz. The hospital operates with 233 active beds as the first-class hospital in the ranks of the largest specialized medical centers in Iran.


The hospital has ICU, CCU, NICU and hospital services such as men's surgery, women's surgery, oncology, angiography, mothers and neonates, maternity, and paraclinical units such as labs, radiology and sonography, CT scan, MRI and Physiotherapy.


The Aria Hospital is active in the field of medical tourism, which has already done some good work to improve it. One of these measures is the establishment of the International Patients' Department, which has been undertaken to improve the quality of services offered to foreign patients and to achieve international standards.




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