Gandhi Hotel Hospital

The hotel-hospital of Gandhi was founded in 2008. It has an area of over 32,000 square meters, including a 17-story hospital complex and a 21-story hotel. There are 100 inpatient beds, 40 beds for intensive care, 17 operating rooms and 100 suites to accommodate patients or their companions. It is located in Tehran.


Gandhi  hotel hospital


Gandhi Hospital

Gandhi hotel-hospital is the largest and most equipped private health center in Iran and the Middle East and has the most advanced medical equipment, including nuclear medicine equipment.


Medical equipment at Gandhi Hospital


Patient's room at Gandhi Hospital


Services provided to patients in the International Patients' Department of this center include hotel, restaurants, cafe shop, bank, gym free wifi. Also, the staff is fluent in different languages.


Information section at Gandhi Hospital



cafe shop




Free Wifi

TV in the room


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