Mustafa Khomeini Hospital

Mustafa Khomeini Hospital was established in 1951. This private hospital has 230 beds and is located in Tehran.


Patient's private room at Mostafa Khomeini Hospital


This center is a multi-specialized hospital with various departments including orthopedics, urology, dentistry, infertility treatment, pediatrics, ENT, cardiology, obstetrics, and childbirth.


Mostafa Khomeini Hospital


In 2017, the International Patients' Department (IPD) of Mustafa Hospital has been established to provide the best services for foreign patients in accordance with international standards.


International Department of Mustafa Khomeini Hospital


The hospital staff was given special training to provide patients with world-class services. The staff of the Mustafa Khomeini International Patient Department is also fluent in English and Arabic, and patients can easily communicate with them.


Interiors of Mustafa Khomeini Hospital


Private rooms for patients available

TV in the room


Free Wifi


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