Pars Hospital

Pars hospital is among the first private hospitals in Iran. Founded in 1959 by a group of physicians graduating from Europe and the United States. At present, the hospital's construction area reaches 22,000 meters and has 186 beds. The hospital is located in the center of Tehran.


The hospital has sections of Cath lab, Post cath, ICU (general), Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU), CCU, MRI, CT scan, Dialysis, Sonography, Radiology, Doppler echocardiography, Radiotherapy, Physiotherapy, and Cardiac Rehabilitation. The specialized heart clinics include ECO, EECP, Thallium Scan, Stress Test and CT Angiography.

Pars hospital with 60 years of age has long been accepted by foreign patients. Today, the International Patients' Department specializes in providing medical services to foreign patients. Various facilities will be available to the patient, such as high-speed internet, private room, an interpreter.



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