Pasteurno hospital

Pasteurno specialized and sub-specialized hospital was found by Dr. Karim Ghiasi in 1974. It actually has an area of  1000 square meters with 7 floors. It is located in Ahmed Chaser Avenue,  Tehran, Iran.


Pasteurno hospital


Patient's room at Pasteurno Hospital


This hospital contains a large number of sections that provide care for both bedridden and ambulatory patients, and these sections are: ICU, CCU, emergency, internal medicine and surgery, gynecology, neurology and psychology with almost 4 well-equipped operating rooms and Para clinic sections like Laboratory, radiology, physiotherapy, dialysis, specialized clinics and a pharmacy.


Operation room at Pasteurno Hospital


The staff of the international patients' department is all fluent in English, Dutch, Arabic, and Turkish.


Patient Room


Private rooms for patients available


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