Weight loss surgery in Iran + costs

Weight loss surgery

The demand for weight loss surgery is increasing every day. Overweight or obesity is a problem due to inappropriate nutrition and low mobility, causing increased prevalence among people in different countries. Obesity, in addition to the negative impact on the appearance and self-confidence of people, causes diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and some types of cancer.
Weight loss surgery is one of the treatments that make significant weight loss over a short period.

Definition of obesity and how to measure it

Obesity is a condition in which fat tissues are over-normalized in the body and the body weight exceeds the standard by height. One of the most common methods for measuring obesity is the Body Mass Index (BMI). The number that the BMI method indicates is obtained using the ratio of height and weight of individuals. According to the World Health Organization, if the BMI is 30 or more, it is considered obese.

You may be able to control your weight and keep it within the standard range with the help of weight loss regimens or medication therapy as well as exercise. But when obesity reaches the acute stage, other common ways to lose weight will not be as effective and need to go into advanced therapies.

Since high weight causes many diseases and lowers the quality of life, it should be considered seriously and initiated treatment under the supervision of weight loss specialist physicians.

Weight loss surgery in Iran

Weight loss surgery in Iran has done for many years with various medical methods including gastroplasty, gastric bypass, gastric banding, and so on. Since many people are obese in Iran, weight loss surgery is a high demand procedure.
According to statistics published in 2017, Iranian physicians specializing in weight loss perform more than 7,000 surgeries annually in Iran. Weight loss surgery is considered to be an important and sensitive operation and should be performed by surgeons with sufficient experience and knowledge. Hospitals in Iran, in addition to having experienced surgeons, are also equipped with modern medical equipment.
Another advantage of performing weight loss surgery in Iran is the cost-effectiveness of the surgery and no waiting list for receiving health care. We send patients' requests immediately to the hospital and specialist surgeons carry out the necessary examinations. If you are overweight and have conditions, you can undertake weight loss surgery in Iran and treat yourself without any delay.

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery in Iran

Determining the weight loss surgery cost in Iran, necessary medical tests should be performed to determine the best weight loss method that suits your physical condition. But on average, the cost of surgery in Iran is between $2000 to $5,000.
In particular, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Iran is about $ 3,800 (the same applies to $5,000 in India). With a simple comparison you will find that if you add additional travel costs, Iran may be a better choice. In the US, the average cost of a weight loss procedure is $ 19,000, or in India and Turkey, you should spend an average of $ 6,000.

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